Ed Sheeran is back, ladies and gentlemen. After over a year of silence, he released two singles today: “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You.”

Folksy nostalgia oozes from “Castle on the Hill,” the theme reminiscent of Troye Sivan’s “Suburbia” and Niall Horan’s “This Town.” Sheeran told BBC Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills the song is an ode to his hometown, saying, “‘Castle on the Hill’ is a love song for Suffolk, because I don’t think anyone has ever done that.” He went on to add that the music video—release date unknown—was shot in Suffolk.

“Shape of You” might remind fans of previous Sheeran tracks like “Don’t” and “Runaway.” It’s got what sounds like a futuristic marimba beating out a catchy, bouncy bass line, and some of Sheeran’s more risqué lyrics.

He hasn’t said when a new album is coming, but if these two songs are any indication, it’s going to be just as fire.