For all of those following along last night on Twitter, I took to live tweeting the game. I made it loud and clear early on I hate Clemson. It’s in my blood and it runs through me daily. So the ~ average jane cfb fan ~ in me was OBVIOUSLY rooting for Alabama because I wanted to see Clemson crumble, again. Now on the other side, the ~ CFB knowledge expert fan ~ in me was confident in Alabama to win the title again. The stats were there and I was sure they could finish the season on a high note. We must always remember that stats on paper don’t translate to the field with many other factors playing in. I still hate Clemson, but have to give credit where credit is due.

Any CFB fan, any football fan, anyone in general would admit that last night was hands down the best game of the year. Might even be the best game in the playoff era (RIP BCS). We, as humans, got everything that we could have wanted. We had curiosity, we had excitement, we had wtf is happening, and we had a weird gushy feeling at the end.

Clemson’s season was a high road. They were either smashing opponents or struggling to the finish, but they always finished. They couldn’t come to the post season perfect but their impressive wins pushed them over the top of teams in the same position. They ended with an ACC title and an amazing win over Ohio State to get back to the end of the end.

Clemson came in as an underdog. They came in with a fire under their asses after last years loss. Predictions were close, not many people thought Alabama could do it again. Alabama looks better on paper and thats a fact. the Tigers, in some games, looked better than Alabama.

In the 2016 title game, Clemson never had the lead. They played catch up but couldn’t finish the task. This year, started the same. Alabama goes up 14-0 in the second. QB Deshaun Watson is struggling. WR Mike Williams is on and off the field with concussion symptoms. RB Wayne Gallman keeps getting shut down on the run. A lot of people saw Clemson as down, out and packed up to go home.

Before the half, the Tigers saw some life with a run from Watson.

The third quarter got close, until Alabama took back their lead and felt comfortable.

As the night went on, and the fans at home got tired (aka me) we were not prepared for what the fourth quarter brought us. It was all we’ve ever wanted, isn’t it? Maybe just next time make it not at 11:30 on a Monday?

The fourth quarter is when Clemson came alive. Watson gained back his confidence, he started to thrive and show America why he should have been the Heisman winner. Watson became the player we’ve watched grow over the last three years in this quarter. He lead this team down the field on multiple occasions and thrived under winding down time.

WR’s Hunter Renfrow and Willaims shined grabbing catches out of the air. Gallman pushed the small yards they needed.

Down by 3, with :06 seconds on the clock on the one yard line, the Clemson Tigers sealed their fate. A toss from Watson to Renfrow and that was game.

Head coach Dabo Swinney cemented his place as one of the best to come by Clemson.

Deshaun Watson, who was already one of the best Clemson players/CFB players, ¬†showed why he didn’t need a Heisman to know who he was.

Mike Williams, the comeback kid, was here for the win.

Hunter Renfrow, the random kid who barely got recruited, the kid who had 10 catches all season, was the best secret weapon the Tigers had.

Ben Boulware, as great as he is, literally fingers people’s butt holes. I’m sorry, I can not let that go.

This Clemson team, played for last years team. The Tigers showed they were never down and out, that they are the best of 2016.

Clemson University, the 2017 National Champions