This is the story that will be dominating the soccer landscape for the next couple of months. FIFA, the most corrupt organization in the world other than the NCAA, has voted to expand the present 32-team field for the World Cup to a 48-team field to be enacted during the 2026 competition.

How do I feel about this new change to possibly the World’s best competition???

reaction no confused fuck disappointed

I’m severely disappointed, and I know I share that sentiment with almost 90% of the World’s soccer fans. The World Cup was fine at 32 teams. The tournament wasn’t broke, so why did FIFA have to try and fix it? They’re greedy, money grabbing pieces of shit, who rather have more games so they can make more money, then host a competitive tournament.

And it’s not like it’s only a small addition of teams. FIFA plans on adding 16 MORE fucking teams to this once great competition. Do we really need more mediocre countries making the World Cup? No, it’s like the NCAA tournament, if your team isn’t good enough to get into the field of 64 than you can have no complaints. The same can be said for the World Cup, if you couldn’t qualify into the 32-team field, then you only had yourself to blame. Now FIFA is just going to be letting everyone in and that waters down the World Cup.

Twitter sounded-off on the issue.

Wait a second….If the US hosts the first installment of the 48-team tournament, I’m actually on-board with the idea. But the US has to host the tournament every four years and that’s my final offer.