Only 7 games remain in the NFL season and I’m looking to get every pick right. Our streak begins at the Divisional round of the playoffs and boy am I excited. Come on, Friends.. follow meeeeee

Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys

All right, lets start with the toughest game on the slate.. currently the Cowboys are 4 point favorites at home against the hottest team in the NFC, the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is an absolute mad man and I can’t believe I bet against him in my last article.  *Stupid Big Buck Hunter*.. well not to fear folks, I will not make the same mistake again. Yes, the Cowboys are a dangerous team in all aspects of the game but the youth will catch up and mistakes will be made. This will be a great learning experience for Dak, Zeek, and co. but the journey will end on Sunday. If I had a vote for MVP (which I don’t) it would be for Rodgers, so at a minimum I have faith he will at least cover the 4 point spread. Packers over Cowboys.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Did I say the Packers and Cowboys game was the hardest to pick on the slate? Sorry, I meant Steelers vs Chiefs.. Kansas City is such a lethal squad at home with one of the strongest defenses in the league, followed by an extremely efficient offense that rarely turns the ball over. With rookie athlete Tyreek Hill on both offense and special teams, I’m a little afraid to make this pick. But I’m going with the second hottest team in the NFL, the Steelers. Currently, Pittsburgh is riding an 8 game winning streak in which they have scored 24 or more points. I just can’t pick against Big Ben, Antonio and Le’Veon as 1 point underdogs. Give me Pitt. Steelers over Chiefs. 

Houston Texans vs New England Patriots

When this match-up was set in stone, I told myself I would only pick the Texans if they were 20 point underdogs or more. They currently sit at 16 point underdogs so I will pick the Patriots. Yeah, that’s about it. Patriots over Texans.

Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons

If you have read my past articles then you know I’m flying high with the Falcons (pun intended/not sure if I have used that joke yet). I have a weird gut feeling that Atlanta will be representing the NFC in the Superbowl, and even have a chance to take home the hardware. This will be a very telling test against a seasoned Seattle team that always seems to come alive in January. Having said that, the Seahawks’ o-line won’t be able to stop Beasley Jr. or Jones, and I think Russell is not healthy enough to make a deep playoff run this year. I’ll take Atlanta to win as Future’s songs ring in the background of the fake roars at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. “Big Buck Hunter” says.. Falcons over Seahawks.

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