Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather? It’s similar to the Lebron or Jordan debate. You can say Lebron could never play during Mj’s era, and then many say MJ wouldn’t be able to hang with Lebron in the current NBA. At the end of the day it’s all opinionated, and there will never be a clear answer, so it’s essentially a bunch of hogwash. For fans of the fight game, all the current rage is about the possibility of a McGregor vs Mayweather boxing match. Everyone knows Conor would merk Floyd in an MMA fight within one minute, but a boxing match is where things could be much more interesting.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is a 39 year old boxer who recently retired at 49-0, as a 5 division world champion. “Money” is regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time, and is still close to the sport working as a promoter. Floyd also happens to be a piece of shit as a person, and one of the biggest scum bags in all of sports. He’s had 7 assault charges, including when he smacked the mother of one of his children with a car door, and then proceeded to punch her in the head multiple times. There was also that other incident in which he struck two women in a Vegas night club. Remember back in 2010 when he decided to take his anger out on the mother of 3 of his kids? Dragging her by the hair and punching her in the face repeatedly, all while the kids were in the house. Honestly, I don’t blame you if you don’t remember, for some reason light never gets shined on Mayweather’s past. Below is the statement that Mayweather’s 10 year old son gave the police after he was the one that called them that night.

Mayweather appeared on ESPN yesterday, and when asked about his domestic violence history, he said “I’m still waiting to see pictures.” Are you shitting me?! This dude is the scum of the earth, and needs to be shown what it’s like to get your ass kicked. And that, my friends is why we need the McGregor fight to happen ASAP. I’m aware Floyd will make north of 100 million dollars, and that’s sickening. But if there’s anyone out there that can knock Floyd’s lights out, it’s Conor. Unfortunately the only way this fight happens is if the money is right for everyone involved, and Conor has already stated that if Floyd gets 100 mill, you best be sure he and his “big Irish nuts” are getting 100 mill as well.

“The Notorious” Conor McGregor recently became the only fighter in UFC history to hold 2 belts simultaneously. He was the champion at 145 lbs, and then in November, he knocked the living daylights out of 155 lbs champ Eddie Alvarez (it was ugly, trust me, I was there). Conor is notorious (pun intended) for beating his opponents before they even enter the cage, as he is the undisputed king of verbal warfare. Conor has never had a pro boxing match, but he’s just the right amount of crazy to start now, even though he’s at the top of the MMA game. Since he’d be such a massive underdog, the only real way for Conor to lose in this fight is if Floyd beats him to a pulp and knocks him out. Conor fans shouldn’t worry about that tough, as Floyd hasn’t finished anyone since Ricky “Glass Jaw” Hatton back in 2007, that is unless you count his cheap shot KO of Victor Ortiz in 2011.

I know the chances of Conor winning this fight are about as high as the chances this fight ever happens, but Conor has the height, weight, reach, power and youth advantages all on his side. Floyd would do his best to dance around and land weak shots for 12 rounds to try and win off points, but McGregor is one of the most accurate fighters in MMA and has legit one punch knockout power to go with it. If McGregor gets 12 rounds with Floyd then I think the UFC champ has a legitimate shot to hunt Mayweather down and land a combination capable of putting Floyd’s scummy ass on the canvas.  It’s very clear that these two already aren’t fond of one another, so who ever is in charge of making this happen…  Just pay them whatever astronomical number it is they want, and let’s get this show on the road! Please and thank you.


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