The Chainsmokers blew up in 2016, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere in the new year.

The duo released a new track titled ‘Paris’ on Friday. Take a listen below and get used to hearing it, because your local radio station undoubtedly will overplay the shit out of it soon enough.

I’m a fan of pretty much every single The Chainsmokers come out with. I hope that doesn’t upset some of the contrarians and try-hards out there who feel it’s their life duty to knock every popular song, but their hits are undeniably catchy. ‘Paris’ is no different. The beat sort of reminds me of Taylor Swifts’ ‘Style’, and that’s a major compliment.

I’m not sure if I enjoy ‘Paris’ as much as ‘Roses’, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, and ‘Closer’. It always takes me a ton of listens to figure out if I really like a song, but so far I’d say ‘Paris’ is a must-download.