Wow I am so sorry.. I shit the bed last time out and I will hate myself everyday until I repay ya’ll. Good thing I will be giving you two great picks tonight that are straight money in the bank. Questions? Good. Lets rumble.

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets

These are the types of games the Warriors live for.. everyone thought the Cavs were in their heads until they blew them out by 35-points. Four days later, the Warriors destroyed the Thunder by 21-points. Now, they sit as 4.5-point favorites on the road against Houston. Can you guess where I’m going with this..? I will take the Warriors any day of the week at those odds. As much as I love LeBron and hate Curry, give me the Warriors tonight. Warriors over Rockets.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins

You all know my my thoughts on the New York Islanders.. and guess who got shutout by them a few days ago? Yup, the Boston Bruins. Add a 6-5 OT loss to the Detroit Red Wings and you having coaching questions in Boston. Now this slumping team hosts one of the best teams in the West, the Chicago Blackhawks. After a 6 goal performance two night ago, the Blackhawks are riding high with a 61-point season thus far (good for first in the West). As UNDERDOGS yaa boy “Big Buck Hunter” is rolling with the ‘Hawks. Blackhawks over Bruins.

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