Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri recently introduced the world to his cat, Jasmine Kadri aka Jazzy. Also, like any pet owner, the 26-year-old has let Jazzy create an Instagram account, so that others can follow her adventures.

January marks the dog days in the National Hockey League. Thus, it came as no surprise that Jazzy has garnered the attention of the Toronto media. This lead to the media gathered the thoughts of players on the new celebrity cat. 

In a dressing room full of dog lovers, Jazzy did not get much love. Kadri’s teammates gave him a hard time (in a playful manner) and confessed to not following the cat’s Instagram account.

Adopt Don’t Shop

Nonetheless, in her biography, Jazzy states how “[She] was abandoned but Naz rescued me!” Meaning that Kadri rescued her from a shelter, highlighting the importance of adopting and giving a pet a “furever” home.

Recalling the story of how he ended up adopting Jazzy.

“Her name is Jasmine, she’s three years old, I’ve had her for just over a year,” said Kadri. “It was a spontaneous thing, I went last year with Nick Spaling who at the time was playing here. We went to the pet store to get his dog something for his teeth. It was a day off. Asked if there was a humane society around to go look at dogs, and made our way over there. There wasn’t that many choices with dogs. I went into the cat room, and had an instant connection. Thought I’d take her home right on the spot.”

Whether one own label themselves a cat or dog person. Everyone can agree that giving a pet a second chance at life through adoption would be the way to go. There are many pets there waiting to find a new home and wanting to join a loving family.

The adopt a pet website serves a purpose of guiding anyone who wants to find a local animal shelter. Furthermore, for anyone not familiar with the process, adopting a pet comes with its perks.The Humane Society states adopting a pet saves money. With vaccinations, neutering, and spaying all covered.


Back at the Kadri household, he went public with his cat three days ago. Leading to a two-goal performance versus the Calgary Flames Monday night. Also, since her adoption, Kadri has signed a six-year deal to remain in Toronto and has enjoyed a stellar season thus far. 

These are all separate entities but good karma could be on his side as a result. 

A feel good story between a hockey player and his cat but a friendly reminder to adopt when looking for a pet.