Brad Marchand has found himself in yet another slew foot predicament. Last week, the Boston Bruins forward earned a $10K fine due to an incident with Detroit Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall.

This week, he did the same to Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Anton Stralman. Nonetheless, there will be no fine or suspension for Marchand this time. A close call for Boston who currently sits third in the Atlantic Division and continues to battle the likes of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The 28-year-old has a reputation for being a pest. The type of player to get under an opponent’s skin during a game. However, these past two seasons he has shed the label of a pest. In 77 games last season, Marchand scored 37 goals to go along with 61 points.

Through 53 games this season, Marchand has scored 21 goals with 51 points. As a result, it led to him being on the Canadian team for the World Cup of Hockey this past September.

His skill has gained him the recognition of being more than just a pest. Heck, during the World Cup of Hockey he played on a line with Sidney Crosby, and not everyone can do that. That World Cup performance has catapulted him to yet another terrific season. Manifesting into his first career all-star selection and further eliminating his pest status.

For this reason, he has to let go of these antics which are beneath him. Instead of holding onto the antics that best describe a player like Patrick Kaleta. Marchand should be trying to be one of the best scoring wingers in the National Hockey League.

Furthermore, Boston needs him as they try and make a playoff push. Pest in the NHL are replaceable; goal scorers, though, not so much.

Going forward, Marchand needs to know that he doesn’t have to resort to such antics. Another slew foot incident could result in him facing a suspension. Thus doing more harm than good and could be the what keeps Boston outside of the playoffs.