What would you do once your eight-year term as President of the United States was over?

I know I would be on the first plane to paradise and would immediately need some sort of fruity drink in my hand. Funny enough, this is exactly what our former President Barack Obama is now doing down in the British Virgin Islands.

Photos of the Obama vacation have hit the interwebs and we’re all now privy to “backwards hat Obama.” This version of Obama seems like one of the coolest guys I’ve ever seen and I can only imagine what he and his friend, Virgin Group CEO, Richard Branson are up to in the Islands.

As you can see above, Twitter is having a jolly old time with these new hip Obama photos. But I give the guy credit, he can finally act like himself after having to act so presidential the past eight years.

Joining Obama on this luxurious vacation is his wife and former first lady Michelle Obama, and everyone knows what happens when you go to the Caribbean with your significant other…Congrats on the sex Barack!