Image courtesy of Larry Busacca / Getty Images.

A lot of people weren’t sure if Lady Gaga was the greatest choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. Some petitioned for different artists. But tonight, Gaga reminded us all why she’s the contemporary icon she is. For starters, was anybody surprised when Gaga dropped in from the roof? Anyone who’s heard anything about her in the last 8 years shouldn’t have been. And it only got better from there.

A modern drone display lit up the sky behind her as she opened with a ballad-style medley of patriotic songs. Then, she leaped off the roof, wire guiding her to the stage where she could launch into new and old hits. Standards like “Poker Face,” “Just Dance” (complete with keytar), and “Born This Way” made appearances, along with “Million Reasons,” a track off Gaga’s newest album Joanne. The field was a complete light show, illuminated by fire, neon lights in the flooring, fireworks, and Gaga’s own glittery outfits. (Would it have been a Lady Gaga performance without tons of sparkles? Nah.)

The NFL called it “one of the most acrobatic & incredible” halftime performances “of all time.” Decide for yourself—the full video is below.