Prince Fielder was forced into early retirement from baseball, but he seems to have already figured out his new career path.

Fielder’s MLB career ended prematurely last season following his second spinal-fusion surgery. Even though the 32-year-old former slugger would prefer to still be hitting homers for a major league team, he’s making the best of his situation. He told ESPN he’s coming out with a food show on Netflix and Hulu titled “Fielder’s Choice”.

I have a food show that’s going to be streaming on Netflix and Hulu. It’s coming out around the beginning of spring training in March, I believe. It’s not just baseball people. It’s a mixture of baseball people, actors, musicians, chefs and whatnot. They bring out different dishes, and at the end of the show, I give the one I like the most the “Fielder’s choice.” It’s good TV.”

Count me in. I’ve never been more interested in a food show in my life. Move over, Guy Fieri and that other obnoxious guy who yells at people all the time.

Fielder will be hosting the show with his wife, Chanel. Some of the guests set to join the show include Xzibit, CC Sabathia, and Chazz Palminteri.

Props to Fielder for handling his career-ending injury like a true champ.