If you are most well-known for quitting during a final of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’, then it’s probably not a good idea to come at Johnny Bananas on Twitter.

However, that’s exactly what Jay G decided to do over the weekend. Now, unless you are a fanatic of both the ‘Real World’ and ‘The Challenge’, you probably have no idea who Jay G. even is. To refresh your memory, he is the guy that quit during a final challenge on ‘Battle of the Exes 2.’ This is him:

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Jay would be completely forgettable if he never quit. Honestly, that’s what I remember most about him. For some reason though, Jay came at Johnny Bananas on Twitter recently. Let’s take a look at just how Bananas destroyed him.

It all started when Jay tweeted this out innocently enough:

Former cast member, Jemmye Carroll quoted his tweet and had this to say:

That’s when Bananas saw the tweet and decided to pile on poor Jay. He even used the hashtag, #JaysABitch:

Jay then responded to let Johnny know that if he’s going to talk shit, he should at least @ him.

Then Johnny just responded with a few tweets that just destroyed Jay. Another former cast member, Chet even got in the mix on Team Bananas.

To me, this simple grammar correction is perfect. It’s almost like Bananas knows that he doesn’t have to waste his time with this guy. But he did add in a few more jabs just for good measure.

And then the dagger…

Hey Jay, here’s some advice for you…

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