Anything Goes Ep. 21 – Kickers

Anything Goes Ep. 21 – Kickers

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The Eephus Ep. 4 – Odor vs. Bautista
The Eephus Ep. 12 – Contenders, Pretenders, and Bachelors

Justin and Salim debate whether NFL kickers are more athletic than the average person (minus their kicking ability), discuss whether it’s weird for guys to love The Bachelor, cold-call a friend who has never eaten a hot dog in their life, play ‘Spelling With Salim’, recap the Grammy awards, Harry Styles’ upcoming album, and more.

Topic Times
NFL kickers – 2:18
Guys and The Bachelor – 13:37
Hot Dog-gate – 19:20
‘Spelling With Salim’ – 24:30
Grammy awards – 28:35
Harry Styles – 34:37

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