We’ve got a wild weekend of fights heading our way! The UFC and Bellator have cards this weekend both headlined by very intriguing heavyweight match ups. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Cezar Ferreira vs Elias Theodorou:

Ferreira is riding a 3 fight win streak with wins over… Well, nobody anyone would know. Ferreira is a classic case of “what could have been” as he’s extremely skillful, but far too inconsistent. On the other hand, Theodorou has been extremely consistent during his UFC career, with a respectable 4-1 record inside the world famous octagon. The odds makers have Ferreira as a slight favorite, but I can’t agree with them after seeing Theodorou come off an impressive victory over Sam Alvey (also, have you seen Theodorou’s hair). Theodorou at Even.


Hector Lombard vs Johny Hendricks #10 (Welterweight):

Man, this is by far the hardest fight to call on this card based on how poorly these guys have fought lately. I remember Big Buck Hunter and I were so pumped when the UFC brought in Lombard back in 2012 (holy fuck that was a long time ago) but he never lived up to expectations. And now at 39, “Lighting” seems to be slowing down. We won money off a Hendricks loss not too long ago, but I honestly thought “Big Rig” won all 3 rounds and was robbed. Since then he’s made the move to 185 after constantly missing weight at 170, with the hopes that this will help improve his gas tank, and revitalize his once glorious career. Both men are excellent wrestlers with legit one punch KO power, I’m going to gamble with Hendricks here solely because of what he’s previously accomplished, and that he should have plenty left in the tank at 33 years old. Hendricks at +110.

Lewis #8 vs Browne #9:

The “Black Beast” is back baby!! If you’ve never watched Derrick Lewis’ highlight real, stop reading and go take a look… Now that you’re back, I’ll continue talking about the hardest hitting man on the UFC’s roster. Lewis has yet to face elite competition, but if we’re being completely honest, I’d say there are only 2-3 elite heavyweights on the entire roster. Lewis does have a very respectable win over Roy Nelson though. Travis Browne has fought just about everyone, that is, except for 2 of the guys I’d consider elite (he fought an elite Cain Velasquez and got his face beaten into the canvas). Browne used to be considered the next big thing based on his size, athleticism and funky style (until Edmond Tarverdyan went and ruined that like he ruined Ronda Rousey). The wheels have fallen off for Browne lately as he’s 1-3 in his last 4 with 2 losses coming via KO. Browne claims Lewis made this fight personal when Lewis brought up an alleged domestic abuse charge filed against Browne, and Browne has since said that he’s going to make Lewis pay. I have a feeling Browne will come in emotional and try to make quick work Lewis, and that, is a very, VERY bad idea. I think the “Black Beast” connects early and makes it a quick night. Lewis at -120.

*Switch to Bellator*

Matt Mitrione vs Fedor Emelianenko:

“Big B’s Lock” I don’t really know what expect in this fight, but when I saw Fedor as the dog, I knew I had to write this up. Fedor is the greatest heavyweight of all-time, and a top 5 P4P fighter to ever live. He’s lost some muster in his older age, but you can’t tell me Matt fucking Mitrione is going to beat a man they call “The Last Emperor.” Mitrione couldn’t cut it in the UFC and packed his bags for Bellator where he’s recently beaten up a couple bums. If Fedor gets him down then I think he’s got a massive advantage, and should be able to submit Mitrione early. If they stay standing, anything can happen, but I like Fedor’s chances. Fedor at +120.

That’ll do for ya boy! Make sure to tune in, Bellator on Saturday, UFC on Sunday!