What would be the best game show to be a contestant on? This was one of the questions that was posed on this week’s episode of Anything Goes.

Justin and Salim actually ranked the top three game shows that they would like to be on. You’ll have to download the episode to hear which shows they picked. However, I had three that immediately came to mind as soon as I heard the question, so I’ll give you my top answers below.

1.) Price Is Right

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Obviously one of the most iconic game shows of all-time – the Price Is Right is without a doubt my number one pick. The show has been on forever and it is a staple of any sick day or day off. However, one of the major reasons I would like to be on the show is because of the audience. It is one of the only game shows I know of where it is absolutely acceptable and encouraged to get assistance from the audience. If you’re not sure of yourself, you just have to go to the crowd for their opinion. For the most part, the prizes are really good and the showcases are always top notch.

2.) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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Not to brag – but I consider myself an amateur bar trivia player. My brain is filled with useless trivia facts, probably from watching years of game shows. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is right up my alley. It is also another show that allows you to get help from the audience via life lines. Also, once you’ve got a guaranteed amount of money secured, you can take more risks and win more money. The potential prize money is also a huge reason why this landed as the number two spot.

3.) Jeopardy!

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I tune into Jeopardy! on a nightly basis. It’s probably because of my thirst for knowledge. When the other kids in school were watching reruns of The Simpsons, I was tuned into Alex Trebek. Just like P.I.R., I want to appear on Jeopardy!  partly because of its legendary status among game shows. You can also win some decent coin with one win and could potentially go on a multi-day run. The categories however can make or break an appearance. I would clean up if I had sports, television or history. I would do awful if I were stuck with classic literature, the Bible or opera. Doing really well will also land you a spot in the prestigious, Tournament of Champions.


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