We are getting dangerously close to March Madness and teams are trying to obtain the highest seed possible. We have a killer slate of top ranked teams going at it on Wednesday night. Lets dive in and see which teams will being to pull ahead.

#6 Oregon vs Cal

I have been very wrong about Dillon Brooks.. when he first popped onto the scene I thought he was fat, slow, and an extremely overrated shooter.. but I will admit when I’m wrong. After I watched the Colorado game this past weekend and saw Brooks scored 4 straight field goals (including a few 3’s) in the first 8 minutes of the game, I had to bite my lip and chalk that prediction as a lose.. he is going to carry the Ducks to at least a handful of wins in the tourney because he truly is one of the best players in the NCAA. Oregon will increase their resume tonight and take-down Cal. Oregon -3 over Cal. Side note**I will stay strong on my prediction that Mr. Brooks will bust hard in the NBA.. all PAC12 players do.

#7 Louisville vs. #8 UNC

Oh boy. This is the game we have been waiting for Ladies and Gents. Both Louisville and UNC are fighting for a #1 seed come tourney and the winner of this game is all but guaranteed to play a #16 seed (#firstroundbye). Question is.. who will reign supreme? No doubt this will be an up and down game but I’m going with underdogs, Louisville. The main reason being because they are 6-point dogs and there is just no way this game isn’t decided by 4 or less. Give me the Cards on the road. Louisville +6 over UNC. 

Providence vs #23 Creighton

I watched a lot of college b-ball this past weekend and Creighton looks like a badass team. Marcus Foster is the real deal because he can get to the rim at will and big man Justin Patton is a game changer on the glass and in the post. Providence is a solid squad that will be a low seed come March but Creighton has a legit chance at making a deep run. The process starts tonight. Creighton -8 over Providence. 

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