With Magic Johnson in the fold as the new president of basketball operations and Rob Pelinka (Kobe Bryant’s former agent) reportedly set to become the new general manager, the Los Angeles Lakers are already beginning a rebuilding process to erase all of the bad decisions made by former president of basketball operations Jim Buss and former general manager Mitch Kupchak.

Considering that Lakers owner Jeannie Buss took to firing her own brother, Jim, that is a sign of just how bad the situation at the Lakers became. After suffering through arguably the worst three-season stretch in franchise history these last three years, accruing less than 30 victories in each season, the Lakers have become of the league’s worst franchises, which is a sad reality for one of the most successful organizations in the history of professional sports.

Now that Magic is in the fray, the hope in Tinseltown is that having a proven basketball figure at the helm will help the Lakers get back on the winning track. And that starts with ridding the team of its bad contracts.

With washed up players, such as Luol Deng and Nick Young, on the books for multiple seasons, the Lakers need to trade away as many veterans as possible before the upcoming trade deadline in order to provide young players more of a chance to develop and possibly setting up what could be a promising free agency period for the Lakers this summer, as star players might be compelled to join a prominent franchise being run by the great Magic Johnson.

Magic has already begun that necessary process of righting the ship and amending the payroll situation. L.A. dealt away veteran shooter Louis Williams, whose contract runs through next season, to the Houston Rockets for fellow shooter Corey Brewer and a first-round pick in the 2017 draft.

Clearly, acquiring as many draft picks as possible via trades involving veteran players should be a priority for Magic and the Lakers front office, and this first deal indicates that the Lakers will be very active in doing so between now and Thursday afternoon.