In a amazing turn of events, non-league side Sutton United drew Arsenal in the 5th round of the famed FA Cup, which for soccer novices is a English soccer tournament where every team in England, all the way from Sunday League pickup teams to Premier League clubs compete against each other in an awesome display of soccer.

Sutton’s run to even get to this 5th round fixture was amazing as they defeated teams whose players are actually professionals. In Sutton’s case, none of the their players are professionals, they all have 9-5 jobs that range from T-Shirt Maker, Insurance Salesman, and Construction Worker. This gives a little background into why this Monday night fixture was so amazing, it was literally David versus two Goliaths.

The mighty Arsenal came to Gander Green Lane, where Sutton United play, Monday night and the spectacle was fascinating. The most interesting part of the matchup was Sutton United’s backup goalkeeper Wayne Shaw. Shaw serves as the groundskeeper and backup goalie for Sutton and is a club legend.

The voluptuous goalie has been with the club for his entire life and is beloved by all the fans. As you can see below he spent all Monday getting the pitch and bench areas clean as they hosted the luxurious Arsenal, who are one of the biggest clubs in the world.

The camera was addicted to Shaw throughout the whole first half of the game where Sutton actually held there own heading into halftime only down 1-0 to a strong Arsenal side. The real headlines started to surface on social media just after halftime as the below picture started making the rounds as Wayne Shaw was seen having a pint or three in the club’s bar.

This is one of the best moment’s in FA Cup history even by itself. In a competition where fans want to see the minnows take on the big boys, Wayne Shaw illustrated the romance of the FA Cup.

But it didn’t stop there.

About 5 minutes into the second half, Wayne Shaw was caught on camera by the BBC munching down on an English Meat Pie, which is a staple half-time food at soccer stadiums around England. Again, this is why soccer fans love the FA Cup, because whether you play in a Sunday league at your local park, or play professionally, everyone knows a goalkeeper like Wayne Shaw who enjoys food just as much as footy.

Good on ya!