Hey ya’ll! We’ve been hotter than Satan’s balls with our picks lately, and I expect things to stay that way tonight! Let’s dive on into it.

Ohio State vs #16 Wisconsin:

No matter their record, Ohio State is always one of the toughest places to play year in and year out. Even with a disappointing 15-13 record, they’ve been able to put together an impressive 12-5 record in their home building this season. Having lost 3 straight in-conference games, the Buckeyes are desperate to make up some ground before the start of the Big 10 tourney. This Badgers squad come in ranked #16, with an impressive 22-5 record. Led by veteran forward Nigel Hayes, these Badgers seem poised to make some noise come March. Even with the great season they’re having, I think 7 points may be a little too much to handle at OSU. Ohio State at +7.

Kings vs Bruins:

The B’s are in a tough spot here tonight after suffering their first loss of the Butch Cassidy Era. Losing 5-3 in Anaheim is bad, but playing in LA the next day with your back-up goalie, against a Kings team that had yesterday off is even worse. The Cali roadie is always one of the toughest stretches for teams in the NHL, and I feel like the Bruins always leave the Golden State with at least 2 losses. LA didn’t play up to their standards the half of the season, so I expect a strong push from them as the season winds down. Chalk this one up as a schedule win for LA. Kings to win.

Kings vs Nuggets:

“Big B’s Lock” The Kings are currently in a state of disarray. Like, who’s the #1 option on offense? Buddy Hield, Ben McLemore? This train wreck is gonna take a few years to figure out. Maybe a star will come out of nowhere and go Lin-sanity on our asses, but I don’t think that happens tonight. Denver has a pretty complete roster, and is currently sitting in the 8 seed trying to hold off the competition. Every win is huge for Denver, and every loss helps the Kings (not really though because Philly can swap 1st rounders with them #lolz). Nuggets to win.

P.S. Bellow is Buddy Hield exacting revenge on Boogie Cousins (before the trade was even announced, can Buddy tell the future? Quite possibly, but that’s a topic for another day) for being forced to go to the wasteland that is Sacramento… Sorry kid.

That’ll do it for me. Let’s crack a few cold ones and sit back while we rake in some dough $$$.