Betting on NASCAR is one of my favorite hobbies for one reason.. if you can predict the winner, then it’s like winning the lottery. The odds are out of this world, even for the favorite. Lets dive into a little analysis, sha’ll we?

Brad Keselowski

I’ve got a little insider buzz that Brad Keselowski is going to destroy the Daytona 500 on Sunday afternoon. Although Keselowski has never won the Daytona 500 he has recently won on this track. Last summer he drove a perfect race picking up at win in Florida’s most iconic speedway. I love the way this kid handles the wheel and I will be throwing most of my cash at Brad this weekend. Plus, who isn’t going to be cracking open a nice cold Miller Lite this weekend? Big Buck Hunter surely will be throwing back a few… Brad Keselowski +1100

Joe Gibbs Racing

The hype is always around Joe Gibbs Racing as they have three stud drivers in Kyle Busch, Denny Hamilton, and Matt Kenseth. These guys have tremendous chemistry and will be doing everything in their power to rig the race and ensure one of the three win. Last season, Denny Hamilton reigned supreme at the Daytona 500 and I don’t doubt he will be in line for a repeat. Denny Hamilton +1300, then Kyle Busch+850, then Matt Kenseth+1300.

Austin Dillion

My main man Austin Dillion is a freakin’ stud.. At only 26 years old he is going kick off the new year strong as my dark horse for the Daytona 500. Year over year, Dillion continues to make significant progress and has a great opportunity to be the face of the Richard Childress Racing franchise. You know I’m salivating over +4400 odds, I’ll toss a few bucks on Dillion to pull off a big upset. Austin Dillion +4400

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