Alright, team. We got the 89th Academy Awards tonight which is the most exciting evening of entertainment. We killed it during the Golden Globes earlier in the year and we are looking to keep the momentum going. Buuuut.. there’s only one problem.. the favorites in most of the categories are unbettable (not sure if that’s a word) because the odds are so high. So we are only going to write-up a few solid bets for tonight. Lets rumble!

Best Actor

Manchester by the Sea is up for many awards to tonight but unfortunately, due to the stiff competition, the film will not be recognized with as much hardware as it should. Having said that, Casey Affleck will be taking home the award for best actor. Affleck’s job in Manchester by the Sea was outstanding and will go down as the top performance of the year. Casey Affleck -150.

La La Landslide

Big Buck Hunter is loving this bet tonight on Bovada.. the question is, will La La Land win more than 8 awards? Umm, hell yeah they will, Brother! They are nominated for 14 awards and in my opinion will bring home at least 9 trophies. Everyone in the entertainment business has this bet as a lock.. Yes -300.

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