It’s Sunday morning, which means it is time to debate another random topic. This week it’s Netflix vs cable and another very tough decision.

What did people do before the invention of the television? Luckily for us, we will never know. Cable TV is easily one of the best pieces of technology we have in society. But is it better than Netflix? In the interest of full disclosure, I am writing this fresh off a Netflix binge (Freaks and Geeks for those of you wondering).

The only way to get to the bottom of this debate is to weigh out the pros and cons.



  • Extremely cheap and affordable
  • Never any commercials
  • Huge variety – many options depending on your mood
  • Great original content
  • All the episodes of the original content are released as an entire season – no waiting a week for the next ep.


  • Very addictive – you may wind up not leaving your couch throughout an entire weekend
  • The large selection can become overwhelming and you may end up browsing for what seems like an eternity
  • No live events
  • Nothing is more infuriating then when Netflix isn’t running smoothly and is constantly buffering

Cable TV


  • Live sports (far and away the best pro)
  • Ability to watch shows that aren’t available on Netflix
  • The episodes come out at the same time each week so it is way easier to avoid spoilers
  • Following live tweets during a big event like the Oscars (Be sure to follow Anything Goes during tonight’s Oscars)


  • The cost is outragous
  • Commercials
  • Can’t watch a show whenever you want

The Verdict

I honestly do not know why I keep giving myself such difficult topics to debate. Once again I found myself going back and forth and back again. However, the main factor in my decision was live sporting events. I don’t think I could deal with not being able to watch sports in real time. I don’t want to hear about internet streams either, because it has to be in crystal clear high definition (I know, pretty boujee, huh?). For that reason alone, I am giving the edge to cable TV.

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