This is it. This is the dumbest thing that I have ever seen. North Carolina has proposed a bill that would let parents put concussed kids back into a game.

Let that sink in for just a second. With everything that we now know about concussions, it is absolutely ridiculous that this isn’t #FakeNews. I had to triple check that I wasn’t reading a headline from The Onion when I first saw this. Imagine compromising your child’s health so that they could return to play in what will ultimately be a meaningless high school game?

House Bill 116 would allow parents – not trained medical professionals – to make the decision as to whether their child returns to game action. Why a parent would want to make that decision is beyond me.

Of course Twitter weighed in with reactions to the absurd bill.

I received a few concussions during my glory days as a less than mediocre high school football player. However, I would be livid now if I had risked my long-term health to get back into one of those games. No way that this bill passes, but it is still insane that it is even being proposed.