On a day in which the ruins of the once-great New York Knicks franchise crumbled even closer to the ground, with center and key 2016 free agent acquisition Joakim Noah undergoing season-ending knee surgery, the Knickerbockers blew a 17-point lead at home against the Toronto Raptors and went on to lose 92-91.

Sinking a game-winning turnaround jumper with 1.9 seconds left to ultimately give his Raptors (36-24) a huge come-from-behind win over a division rival, Toronto shooting guard DeMar Derozan basically put a bow on the Knicks’ season in so doing.

Despite the absence of All-Star Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry due to injury, the Knicks (24-36) somehow squandered a sizable lead that would’ve provided them with a pivotal win and crucial momentum as they scratch and claw for a playoff spot in the weak Eastern Conference.

The game itself was the epitome of New York’s season thus far. The high hopes at Madison Square Garden stemming from the promising start. The ups and downs thereafter. The steady decline down the stretch. The heartbreaking defeat. Carmelo Anthony producing a solid stat line┬ábut having an overall inefficient game. It was all there. The only thing missing was Charles Oakley picking a fight in the stands with everything that moved.

The Knicks have sunk to incredible depths that even the great Phil Jackson can’t elevate them out of. By cutting rejuvenated veteran point guard Brandon Jennings today, the Knicks’ front office revealed that it already has its eyes set on the future, and the Noah injury will only serve to exacerbate that.

The reality is that the Knicks have invested a lot of money in prominent veteran players, hot shot coaches and the Zen Master himself in recent years, only to have all of that go over like a lead balloon. And that balloon seems destined to crash and burn like the Hindenburg, with the Knicks currently on a dangerous collision course to becoming the laughingstock of the NBA for years to come.