Man I love this draft! But like everyone else, I’ve got plenty of questions about some of the potential top picks that we’ll find out at the combine. I wanted to throw guys like Joe Mixon and Chad Kelly on here, but unfortunately due to arrests they were not invited to the combine. So let’s see who we’ve got on here.

Tim Williams, LB, Alabama

Williams very well could be the second best pass rusher in this class, behind Myles Garrett. Williams will need to work his charm during interviews to convince teams that his arrest back in September was a one time thing. As long as Williams’ pot smokin and gun playing days are over, he should be a lock to go mid to late first round to a team in need of a pass rushing LB.
Deshone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame
I believe Kizer has the highest ceiling as well as the lowest floor amongst the top QB prospects. I think he needed another year at Notre Dame after a 4-8 season where his play was erratic, to say the least. Kizer posses prototypical size and all the talent in the world, it’s just a matter of whether or not he can put it all together.  Should teams fall in love with the stability of Davis Webb, or the potential of Patty Mahomes.. Kizer could be sitting around for a while wishing he were back in South Bend.
Patty Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech
Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. The man who could make a mess of everyone’s draft board with a strong showing is Patty Mahomes. He’s got a legit cannon for an arm, with prototype size.. He’s nothing short of a freak. He’ll need to prove he can make all the throws that an NFL play book requires. The big concern is that he ran an air raid attack at Tech which inflated his stats, and isn’t anything near an NFL offense. He’s the definition of boom or bust.
Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
Dede is know for his blazing speed and ability to stretch the field. Once the draft comes closer he’ll begin to be known for an incident where he punched and bit the mother of his children.. Also had a little trespassing arrest thrown in there too. He’ll need to bulk up his 174 lbs frame, but Dede could be a killer number 2 and could have a Tyreke Hill like impact if teams are scared off by his history.
Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
The only thing he needs to prove is that he’s healthy. This guy could’ve been playing in the NFL for the past 3 years, and everyone seems to forget just how good he is. There are folks saying Dalvin Cook should go ahead of him.. And to that I say, you’re a dumb piece of shit. My sources are saying Fournette will murder the combine with a 4.3-4.4, 40 time, and he’ll remind everyone why he’s been labeled the next AP ever since he was in high school.
Jabrill Peppers, LB/Safety, Michigan
Peppers is going to be showing up to Indy as a LB, at 6’1, 205… Yeah, that’s smaller than most safeties.. My assumption is he’s not confident in his coverage skills, which his athleticism covered up well at Michigan. Peppers has speed to track down anyone on the field, but he has many glaring weaknesses such as coverage skills and an unknown position. He’s another guy that could be wishing he stayed in school if his combine showing isn’t fantastic.
Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama
There’s one thing missing from Robinson’s resume.. And that’s proof that he’s not a complete fuck. The kid was a 3 year starting LT at Alabama, All-American, and National Champion. If he checks all the character boxes (he’s not expected to) he’ll be the first offensive lineman taken.
Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State
There seems to be a common theme amongst this group… Elite talent+very questionable off field records, and we can certainly add McDowell to that group. There’s no denying his talent as he showed flashes of absolute dominance in 2015 with his run stuffing ability. His production slipped in 2016 due to injuries, and his work ethic was often called into question after he was never able to dominate without the help of his teammates. This will be a huge week for a potential top 10 pick.
Every single CB
This CB class is an absolute log jam right now with Marshon Lattimore being the only guy that’s been able to separate from the pack. Guys like Teez Tabor, Sidney Jones, Quincy Wilson, Marlon Humphrey, Cordrea Tankersley, Adoree Jackson and Tre’Davious White could literally go anywhere from top 10 to 3rd round. Should be fun to watch these guys compete out there, and I’m sure GM’s are going to pay very close attention to this group.
Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
This kid may have the most to gain from the combine. He’s an absolute freak that has Aaron Donald like potential. My sources are telling me he could literally go anywhere from 3 to 32 based on his what he’s able to do at the combine. I’m curious to see if he looks more comfortable playing inside or outside.