Georges St. Pierre has an opponent for his long-awaited Octagon return, even if the date is still to be determined.

UFC President Dana White announced on Wednesday during an appearance ESPN’s SportsCenter that St. Pierre will face middleweight champion Michael Bisping at some point in 2017. Bisping’s title will be on the line when they meet.

This is YUGE news. George St. Pierre is arguably (most likely undisputedly) a top 3 UFC fighter of all time. He was never the flashiest in promotional activity but once the lights went off and he entered the Octagon he was a baaaaadddddd man.

On the other hand, don’t sleep on Michael Bisping.  Since Dana White has announced a date for the fight yet, I won’t look too deep into it now but I love Michael Bisping now. I haven’t done a 180 on someone since I did with Villanova basketball after they won last year. Bisping went from the guy who got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT

to not only avenging his loss to Henderson but also becoming world champion.  That guy has all the respect in the world.  GSP coming off a very significant knee injury is going to have his hands full against Bisping. I for one can not wait for this fight to happen.