So I was scrolling across my Twitter timeline, hate life naturally (at least I am not this kid), minding my own business when I stumbled across this tweet.

Oh man and I thought I blew it a lot with girls. This kid took it 3 notches above that. This screenshot tweet makes me feel a lot better about myself. That is a big fat L on this kid’s record that will never go away. Kid is not going BALLS DEEP BRO anymore.

I never understood how these situations occur. I feel like you have to look at the contact name before sending a text it’s pretty simple. With that being said though, I guarantee that happens to me at some point in my life. Sooner rather than later probably.

This is an absolute fear in my life though, especially at work. I never want to send the wrong g-chat to another co-worker or send the wrong email to someone. At least with this kid, when he messed up there are still plenty of other fish in the sea. He doesn’t have to see ‘tired girl’ (what a trash basic name) ever again. At work though, you have to see your co-workers every day so thanks but no thanks.