Uber CEO Travis Kalanick recently got into an argument with one of his drivers while he was a passenger and the whole encounter was caught on tape.

The driver was upset about how prices are dropping for the service and how drivers are receiving less pay. You can tell that the driver just could not wait to confront Kalanick.

This exchange is not a good look for Travis. He comes off as a prick if we’re being honest. Here he has an employee trying to give him his honest opinion on the current state of the company. Instead of taking the constructive criticism, Kalanick fires back at the driver. I see some people around the interweb shitting on the driver, saying it’s his fault that he went bankrupt and he is in the wrong. However, I couldn’t be more Team Driver in this situation. This guy must have been dreaming about the day that he would randomly pick up the CEO and have the opportunity to confront him.

The CEO is obviously concerned with the competition, and for good reason. I’m not a numbers guy, but I feel like Lyft is creeping into Uber’s market share big time more recently. I’ve had people tell me that they have made the switch to Lyft already.

I’ve said it on the blog before, but I used to drive for Uber part time about a year ago. Not only do you meet some interesting people, but it’s a pretty sweet gig. There’s no heavy lifting or boss breathing down your neck. Also, you do not get nearly as effected by the road rage when you are getting paid to drive.

Let me know in the comments whose side of the argument you are on here – the CEO or the driver. Also, take a second and let us know if you are on Team Uber or Team Lyft in the poll below.