After meeting with renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews, David Price got news that manager John Farrell called a ‘best-case scenario.’ It was determined that surgery would not be necessary for Price’s ailing elbow.

On Thursday, Red Sox fans collectively held their breaths as they heard that Price had an appointment with Dr. Andrews. More often than not, going to see Dr. Andrews means that a player’s season is in serious jeopardy. Social media and sports talk radio were already preparing for the worst. Some were speculating that Price would require Tommy John surgery. In baseball, there are no two names worse than James Andrews and Tommy John.

However, everything is once again coming up rainbows and butterflies for Red Sox fans – at least for now. Price is going to receive medication and treatment along with rest for the next 7-10 days. Here is what Farrell had to say about the latest news.

Price himself took to Twitter on Friday afternoon with an ambiguous tweet. Reading between the lines, and knowing what we know now, it’s obviously great news that he is heading back to Fort Myers.

Sox fans can head into the weekend with a lot less anxiety now after hearing this wonderful news. Get the duck boats ready once again.