Bill Belichick showed a side of himself that is rarely seen by the media. Belichick jumped into the broadcast booth to chat with former Patriot Willie McGinest at the NFL Combine on Sunday.

A jovial Bill Belichick joked that he hadn’t been in the press box since he was first with the Patriots as a secondary coach in 1996. McGinest and Belichick went on to share their fondest memories of each other.

Watch the fantastic conversation below.

This is what New England fans refer to as Patriots Porn. I could listen to Belichick and McGinest trade stories all day long. I especially loved the jab the coach threw in there about Vrable’s fake timeout eventually leading to a rule change. I’m sure most fans around the league are surprised to see this side of Bill.  Although it is a rare occurance, Patriots fans see this lighter side from time to time – especially when he’s talking with a former player who he adores. 

Also, let’s take a moment and appreciate what an absolutely dominate move wearing that sweatshirt is. Just flaunting it right in the face of all the other GM’s and coaches that he is the GOAT. His new shirt, VII Rings must be in the mail.