At this point in their dumpster fire of a season, the New York Knicks are evidently willing to try anything and everything to keep what few die-hard Knicks fans remain interested in the team.

Today’s random attempt at keeping things fresh at Madison Square Garden involved reverting back to the 1940s for the first half of action, with no music or in-game entertainment to liven MSG up. With an official announcement made on the jumbotron prior to the game, the decision to nix any type of in-game fun during the first half was revealed to have been made in order to provide fans in attendance with an opportunity to “experience the game in its purest form” (whatever the hell that means).

With the Golden State Warriors, the team with the best record in the NBA right now, in town for a nationally televised matchup, it certainly was an odd time for the Knicks to try out something so bizarre. And the decision to do so fell very, very flat.

Criticized by everyone involved with either team who was asked about it postgame, the no-music policy definitely didn’t go over well. The first half certainly was sloppy, with neither team developing any type of rhythm, and the awkward silence, which Steph Curry described as having the feel of a middle school game, likely contributed to that.

Draymond Green was particularly furious with the silent first half, not holding back at all in his lambasting of it. Saying, “They need to trash that because that’s what that was,” Green obviously didn’t dig the old-timey feel.

And Green has a point. In today’s NBA, part of what makes attending games, as well as watching them on television and listening to them on the radio, so much fun is the excitement created by all of the sounds coming from the PA system and the various courtside microphones. There are also hype men employed by the home team to keep things interesting and the crowd involved with various entertainment during timeouts. All of that noise makes an NBA game an NBA game. It’s not golf. It’s basketball.

So the Knicks should stop with the cheap publicity stunt gimmicks and stick to turning around their shitty team. It’s hard enough for the Knicks to win at home without any awkward silence. The last thing that the unluckiest team in the NBA needs is for its own franchise to make winning more difficult than it already is. For what it’s worth, the Warriors defeated the Knicks 112-105, making the no-noise policy a complete bust. Just chalk it up as yet another self-inflicted wound committed by one of the most inept franchises in sports.