The NFL combine is here, but it’s even more fun watching average people show off their 40-yard-dash times and vertical leaps.

Detroit Lions beat writer Tori Petry gave it a shot and ran a 5.98 second 40-yard-dash in HEELS:

I would watch an entire combine filled with girls attempting this in heels. It’d be hilarious and beyond entertaining. But this woman killed it. Bravo.

I’ve been saying for a while now on Anything Goes (subscribe, download, leave a nice review) that I could run a 4.9 second 40-yard-dash. I’ve been saying it for more than a month now. Over time I’ve gotten less and less confident but this girl running a 5.98 in heels changed everything. My confidence level is through the roof now.

We’re going to broadcast my 40-yard-dash live sometime this week or next week over on the Anything Goes Facebook page. 4.9 seconds. You heard it here first.