If you didn’t already think Ciara and Russell Wilson were an odd couple, that’s about to change real quick.

The pop star and Seahawks QB are expecting their first child together, so a ton of family photos are expected to come along with that. This, however, is just plain ridiculous.


First off, that’s Future’s child in the photo. Not Russell Wilson’s. The fact that’s the least bizarre part of this photo says a lot.

What is going on? Normally I’d say this kind of thing was the woman’s idea but there’s no doubt in my mind this was all manufactured in Russell Wilson’s circus of a brain. He’s by far the weirdest athlete out there right now.

As a bonus, let’s look back on the time Wilson used Google to¬†figure out how to describe Ciara’s beauty. People don’t forget.

Usually this is where I’d say something like “Never change, Russell. Never change.” I’m not going to say that this time. Feel free to change a little, dude. No more of these photos. Please, for the love of God.