March 8th: Locks of the Night

March 8th: Locks of the Night

February 13th: Locks of the Night
January 18th: Locks of the Night
NASCAR: Five Betting Picks For Sunday’s Monster Energy Cup Series Race At Dover

Wahoooo! Yet another UFC card where yaa boy got all his picks right.. aaaand we are looking to keep the momentum rolling tonight! We got a nice NBA slate here and I need to get fucking paid because Big B and I are headin’ to Cancun on Saturday.. I need a little side cash to blow on.. things…

Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors 

What the heck? It’s pretty insane to me that the Celtics are 8-point underdogs against the Warriors on Wednesday night. The Celts sneakily match-up well against the top seed in the West because of their guards are elite defenders and strong 3-pointer shooters. Another lowkey factor, I love when top teams have West Coast roads trips at the end of the season to bond and build chemistry. This would have been my lock of the night if I knew Horford was playing, but I still think the C’s cover. Celtics -8 over Warriors.

Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks

The Nets are embarrassing.. they are so far in last place that whenever I check the NBA standings I start laughing out loud. Personally, I’m surprised they even have double-digits wins. On the other hand, the Hawks are looking to gain traction as the East as the playoffs roll around. As 9.5-point favorites I’ll take Atlanta any day of the week. Hawks +9.5 over Nets. 

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