Wahoooo! Yet another UFC card where yaa boy got all his picks right.. aaaand we are looking to keep the momentum rolling tonight! We got a nice NBA slate here and I need to get fucking paid because Big B and I are headin’ to Cancun on Saturday.. I need a little side cash to blow on.. things…

Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors 

What the heck? It’s pretty insane to me that the Celtics are 8-point underdogs against the Warriors on Wednesday night. The Celts sneakily match-up well against the top seed in the West because of their guards are elite defenders and strong 3-pointer shooters. Another lowkey factor, I love when top teams have West Coast roads trips at the end of the season to bond and build chemistry. This would have been my lock of the night if I knew Horford was playing, but I still think the C’s cover. Celtics -8 over Warriors.

Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks

The Nets are embarrassing.. they are so far in last place that whenever I check the NBA standings I start laughing out loud. Personally, I’m surprised they even have double-digits wins. On the other hand, the Hawks are looking to gain traction as the East as the playoffs roll around. As 9.5-point favorites I’ll take Atlanta any day of the week. Hawks +9.5 over Nets. 

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