Baseball is a far more relaxing sport than football, so it’s rare for an athlete to be calm, cool and collected on the football field but a hothead on the baseball diamond. However, Tim Tebow, the holiest of football players, may have developed a chip on his shoulder during his time spent as an SEC Network analyst.

In his first at-bat in a regulation MLB game, Tim Tebow, who is attempting to make the New York Mets’ roster, struck out looking. However, the called strike three certainly didn’t look like a strike. At all.

Although old Tebow might have just kept his disagreement to himself and politely walked back to the dugout, new Tebow evidently doesn’t give a shit. So he gave the umpire a little piece of his mind…in a freaking spring training game, mind you.

No, that wasn’t exactly Bryce Harper-level rage, but give Tebow time. He may end up being your typically pretty boy hothead if his MLB career lasts long enough.

It’s good to see that Tebow means business as far as this new baseball career is concerned. Maybe having every sports pundit in the country (save Skip Bayless) bash him throughout his NFL career (even while he was leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs) lit a fire under him. Perhaps Tebow will go on to become the next great two-sport star. Stay tuned.