Tim Tebow’s Spring Training Debut Went Exactly As Expected (Bad)

Tim Tebow’s Spring Training Debut Went Exactly As Expected (Bad)

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Spring training excitement levels were at an all-time high Wednesday as Tim Tebow made his Mets debut.

Tebow was tasked with facing 2016 AL Cy Young award winner Rick Porcello in his first at-bat. It didn’t go the ex-QB’s way. He struck out looking on four pitches and took issue with the strike three call.

His second chance came in the fourth inning. This time, the bases were juiced for him against reliever Noe Ramirez. The result was far from a grand slam, but Tebow still managed to drive in a run.

Then there was at-bat No. 3 vs. fellow Florida alum Brian Johnson. Tebow got on base! Johnson drilled him in the shoulder with the third pitch of the AB. The 88-mph pitch bounced off his iron deltoids like a wiffleball.

Aaaand then he was doubled off on a bad baserunning play…

Finally, AB No. 4 vs. Brandon Workman. 1-2-3 backwards K.

So that was Tebow’s spring training debut. He was 0-for-3 with two strikeouts looking, a double play, and a HBP. Not great.

He’ll give it another shot Friday vs. the Houston Astros.