The New York Yankees hate fun.

The Yankees continued enforcing their outdated hair policy by making coveted prospect Clint Frazier cut his signature red flowing locks.

Frazier is being praised for “handling the situation well” and “being a team player” as if he had a choice. He said the following, per The New York Post:

“I like my hair, but I love playing for this organization.”

“It was starting to be a distraction. It’s time to look like everybody else around here.”

A distraction? We’re acting like players were getting nailed in the face with line drives because Frazier’s long red hair put them in a trance.

It’s not that Frazier’s being treated unfairly. The Yankees are known for their stupidly strict grooming policy, so they weren’t going to give their 22-year-old prospect special treatment. It’s just a reminder of how laughable it is to have such a policy in 2017.

Frazier and his new buzzcut are set to begin the 2017 season in Triple-A.