After nearly a decade spent away from coaching, all-time great college basketball coach Bob Knight is still just as curmudgeonly as he was when he retired from Texas Tech in 2008.

At 76, it’s understandable for Coach Knight to be grumpy because that’s the way a lot of old men are. But the thing about Bob is: he’s basically been an old man forever. Over 30 years ago, he got so pissed at referees that he threw a chair across the court.

Knight was fairly volatile in press conferences throughout his career, as well, never backing down from a chance at confrontation. If not for being such a great coach, Bob likely wouldn’t have lasted in coaching for as long as he did. His greatness often allowed him to skate by, despite being a crotchety jerk.

It eventually caught up with, however, as he was fired by Indiana, a school at which he won three national titles, in 2000 following a revelation that he had once grabbed a player by the throat and had also physically confronted an Indiana student on campus for apparently disrespecting him.

The firing was considered an outrage by Hoosier fans, who, for the most part, remained loyal to Coach Knight. Originally, the powers that be at IU asked Knight to step down to potentially salvage his reputation, but he refused. Therefore, he was fired as head coach of the Hoosiers, and 17 years later, with tenures as the Texas Tech head coach and an ESPN broadcaster in between, Bobby Knight still holds a grudge.

Appearing yesterday on theĀ Dan Patrick Show, Knight was asked about a possible reconciliation with Indiana, which the salty coach quickly made known wasn’t something on his to-do list.

When speaking on the members of the Indiana University administration who were responsible for his termination, Knight said, “I hope they’re all dead.” And just in case he wasn’t clear enough on his feelings about the situation with that statement, he addressed the members of the administration who are still among the living by saying, “I hope the rest of them go.” Tell us how you really feel, Coach Knight.

Going on to indicate that he still has love for the Hoosier program and its fans, Knight implied that his deep-seated loathing for the bigwigs at the university makes any attempts at reconciliation out of the question. But, since it’s crotchety, old Bob Knight we’re talking about here, that shouldn’t be considered surprising.

Only Bob Knight could wish death upon people simply for doing their jobs and it seem kind of okay. Because it’s Bobby Knight. What type of world would this be if Coach Knight was polite and rational? A crappy world. A chaotic bizarro world of crap.

Never change, Coach Knight. Maybe chill out with the death wishes, but never change. Go yell at some kids to get off of your lawn and consider returning to coaching. God knows a lot of once-esteemed programs (Indiana included) could definitely use you right now.