Television will once again be the topic of the Sunday Morning Debate. This week, we will be looking at Breaking Bad vs The Wire in a daylight saving edition*.

Admittedly, this is much more difficult than last week’s Seinfeld vs Curb Your Enthusiasm debate. If you have seen both series, you might have already had this discussion at one point or another. Omar Little vs Walter White, who ya got?

Before 2008, if you asked someone what their favorite television series of all-time was, there is no doubt that the majority of people would have responded with The Wire. Then things changed when Vince Gilligan came at the king of television shows.

It is hard to weigh out the pros and cons of a television series, in my opinion, as so much is obviously based on personal preference. I ran into the same problem last week as well. Instead, I will leave you with some highlight clips below.

The Wire:

Breaking Bad:

It may have just came down to recency bias for me, but I am going to have to go with Breaking Bad. I stayed up all night debating which was the better show in my head. This was obviously a very hard decision. As always, I’d like to know which side of the debate you are on.

*In a complete non-sequitur, I just need to talk about what absolute garbage daylight saving time is. Losing an hour out of the weekend is utterly preposterous. Give me the extra hour now over daylight later on. To be honest, we as a society should just scrap daylight saving altogether.