I tend to exaggerate from time to time. I say things like “this was the funniest thing of all time” or “that was the worst decision I’ve ever seen.” ┬áThen I repeat those saying like 4 hours later about something so I really contradict myself. With that being said, I stand by saying that the video below is not only the worst call in softball history but in sports history.

I mean what the fuck was that? Is that ump trolling us? She had been at first base for about 2 hours before the ump called her out. I need to know what happened after this video ended. Excuse me miss Kayla Jasper, can you please tweet at me (@SalimsGot_Dibs)  telling me if the call got overturned of not. If the call stood then not only does this dude need to be fired but take away his driving license while we are at it because the visually impaired should not be behind the wheel.