At the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando yesterday, PGA Tour golfer Cody Gribble did something that could’ve potentially resulted in disaster.

Clearly just as fearless as the late, great Steve Irwin, Gribble opted to scare a sunbathing gator off of the golf course by slapping its tail. It’s typically not advisable to walk up behind any animal in an attempt at frightening it, let alone a 10-foot alligator.

The plan worked, though, as the gator quickly took to water, no longer lording over the golf course. Gribble is a native of Dallas, Texas, which is not home to any large crocodilians, and must have cojones of steel because smacking a proverbial man-eater on the tail is as gutsy as it gets.

Maybe if Gribble’s golf career doesn’t pan out, he can have his own show on Animal Planet. Until then, he can continue to reign supreme over animals attempting to disrupt his golf outings.