Seton Hall had their season ended in the first round of the tournament on Friday afternoon thanks in part to a very questionable flagrant foul.

Seton Hall ultimately fell to the Arkansas Razorbacks 77-71. However, the controversial flagrant foul in crunch time is what will most likely be remembered from this contest.

With under twenty seconds remaining in the game, Seton Hall forward Desi Rodriguez committed the intentional foul against Arkansas’ Jaylen Barford. It’s a play that we’ve all seen a million times before at the end of a game. However, what made this play so special was an unintentional trip after the foul had been committed. The officials originally called a common foul, which was obviously the correct call. However, after review, the officials changed the call. They ruled that Desi did not attempt to make a play on the ball and hit him with a flagrant foul. Arkansas got the free-throws and possession.

Take a look for yourself at the foul in question below.

It’s really unfortunate that this terrible call played a factor in determining the outcome of an otherwise fantastic game. There is just no way that call is reversed if the trip didn’t happen.

If you agree with the officials here, I’d love to here from you. Hit us up on Twitter if you actually believe that was a flagrant foul and are not just a Razorbacks homer.