Like he seems to do for a variety of random reasons each year, LeBron James has earned the ire of NBA fans this season for his tendency to sit out games. Of course, the man is 32 years old and has been playing in the league since 2003, so he has earned the right to get some rest every now and then.

But, this year, LeBron has sat out for games that were far from ideal for him to miss. Sitting out the second half of a back-to-back is one thing, but sitting out a road game against a good team after a day off is another thing. It has even sparked a debate between NBA pundits regarding whether or not the NBA’s competition committee should potentially address curtailing star players from sitting out games.

Expect that debate to become exacerbated in the coming days, as LeBron took his resting habit to an entirely new level today. Almost making a mockery of the NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue opted to rest Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and LeBron James all for the same game tonight (something that he has done several times before this season). And, mind you, this was for a primetime game against the top-tier Los Angeles Clippers being broadcast on ABC.

So to put that in perspective, this wasn’t a game against the Sacramento Kings on Fox Sports West at 10:30 PM EST on a Monday night; this was a high-profile matchup in the most hyped time slot of the week for the NBA. Making matters worse, LeBron made no effort to even mask the fact that this was basically a night in which he was simply getting a chance to chill out while his team played.

At first, King James was nowhere to be found tonight, lingering in the locker room for the first few minutes of the first quarter. He then casually sauntered to his seat on the bench and made his late arrival fashionable by sipping coffee.

Basically serving as the living embodiment of the Kermit meme, LeBron gave a big middle finger to the NBA by enjoying a hot beverage for an entire national audience to see. But I guess when you dominate the NBA for over a decade, you earn that right, and the NBA might just have to keep on living with it.