Earlier this week, Red Sox beat writer Pete Abraham inexplicably called a fan racist on Twitter. After days of not addressing the subject, Abraham finally ‘apologized’ late last night.

The apology was basically the equivalent of a news dump. Abraham fired off an insincere four sentence tweet at nearly midnight on Friday.

We’ll get back to the apology in a minute. If you haven’t been following what happened throughout the week, here is a quick recap. It all started when Boston-based radio station, 98.5 The Sports Hub, tweeted a story about what Pete Abraham said about David Price during a recent interview.

A Red Sox fan who is obviously not happy with Price’s performance in Boston thus far, innocently tweeted his feelings about the Sox lefty. That is when things got weird. Pete Abraham immediately called the fan out for being a racist.

Well, that sure escalated quickly. Abraham continued with the racist narrative when others on Twitter asked him to explain himself.

Abraham ended up deleting the tweets relatively quickly, but not before people had the opportunity to screenshot his outrageous accusations. In the days that followed, many asked Pete to apologize for his baseless claim. Then, in what was one of the best things to come from this saga, fans started to troll Abraham on twitter. He could not post anything to Twitter without the replies being flooded with people making everything about race.

So finally, Pete Abraham decided to do the right thing and apologize. Most likely only to call the trolls off, however, because the apology sucks. As a mentioned before, he waited until nearly midnight to write a measly four sentences that does not seem very genuine.

What a joke. This entire story is very strange. Pete Abraham is not very popular amongst Sox fans and it is very easy to see why. This poor excuse for an apology is too little, too late. Watch for him to continue to have his mentions flooded each and every time he tweets. It is one of my favorite things about Twitter right now.