If your bracket is already busted, don’t worry! It just means its time to start making individual bets on all the Sweet 16 games, and to be honest this is much more lucrative. Plus, your boy Big Buck Hunter is back from Cancun and ready to give you the guide towards money in the bank. You won’t believe how much dough I’ve spent the last 168 hours but you know I’ll be able to make it all back via March Madness.. lets do it team!

Michigan Wolverines vs Oregon Ducks

Everybody has been hating on the Duck since Chris Boucher went down at the very end of the season. But boy have they proved people wrong! The Ducks have had an easy road since this tourney started, but I’ve had them penciled in the final four of my bracket since day 1. This journey continues another week. Oregon +1.5 over Michigan. 

West Virginia Volunteers  vs Gonzaga Bulldogs 

The Zags have been good to me all year and the goodness will continue this week.. but not in the Zags favor. The Volunteers have the best defense in the NCAA and it will be on full display against one of the best teams in the nation. I got WV winning behind the efforts of my main main Nathan Adrian. West Virginia +3 over Gonzaga. 

Purdue Boilmakers vs Kansas Jayhawks 

MVP Frank Mason III + Josh freakin’ Jackson + depth on top of depth = a blowout win for Kansas. The Boilmakers have weak guard defense paired with strong big men; the Jayhawks have outstanding guard play, with great big men defense. Plus Jackson is going to shut Caleb Swanigan the F down, just like he did Myles Bridges. Kansas -5 over Purdue.

Xavier Musketeers vs Arizona Wildcats 

Another team that has been penciled into my Final Four is Arizona. They have everything you could possibly ask for with a stud freshman, pulverizing defense, strong free throw shooters, and the heart to win. Xavier’s sweet dance comes to an end despite all their hard work. Arizona -7.5 over Xavier. 

Butler Bulldogs vs North Carolina Tarheels

Describe North Carolina in one word.. OVERRATED! Yes, they are a great team.. that’s why they were awarded a #1 but Butler is a different animal. Come tourney time the Bulldogs are always in it to win it, no matter the coach or players. This school breeds winners and with 7 points to give I’ll go Butler all day. Butler +7 over North Carolina.

South Carolina Gamecocks vs Baylor Bears 

I hate both these teams.. didn’t have either of them here so I don’t want to make this pick. But I have to for my fans. I’ll take Baylor because they have Jonathan Motley. Baylor -3.5 over South Carolina. 

Wisconsin Badgers vs Florida Gators 

Wisconsin is so freakin bad this year, I can’t understand how the heck they won 2 games. Nigel Hayes blows and is not a player you can depend on to make a deep tourney run, Ethan Happ is soft, and Bronson Koenig.. well he’s good. But besides that I think the Gators athleticism is going to steam-roll their way to the Elite 8.  Florida -2 over Wisconsin 

UCLA Bruins vs Kentucky Wildcats

Big Buck Hunter’s lock of the night.. since day one I’ve been saying the Bruins will win this tourney. Besides Josh Jackson, Lonzo Ball is the only man left in the country. He has the passing ability of Jason Kidd and his heroic efforts have been on display all year. Kentucky wins games by going on 10+ point runs and this will not happen against my boy T.J. Leaf and Ball. I got UCLA all the way to the ‘ship! UCLA -1 over Kentucky. 

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