Let me start off by saying I’m fully aware Marchand has always been a very good player. But 80 points with 10 games left good? Come on! You can’t tell me you saw that coming from the little ball of hate. As a 5’9 third round pick back in ’06, people knew Marchand had game.. but he was never expected to be more than gritty 2nd or 3rd liner that buried 20 goals a year.

When people think of Brad Marchand the first thing that comes to mind is, well, a little ball of hate. He’s unquestionably one of the leagues most hated players having been suspended 4 times since entering the league, and constantly being fined for his slew footing antics. People around the league like the throw the word “dirty” or “cheap” when talking about o’l Marchy.. but as a Bruins fan, I like to think of him as more of an “agitator.”

Up until last season we thought we knew what we’d get from Marchy points whys year in and year out, as he totaled 41, 55, 36, 53, and 42 between ’10-’15. Then came the ’15-16 season when Marchy recorded a career high 61 points, earning himself a spot on the Canadian World Cup roster.. as well as a new fat contract consisting of 8 years and 49 million (this isn’t the NFL or NBA… 49 is a lot of fucking dough in the NHL). That deal is beginning to look like quite the steal for Boston as Marchy has 80 points on the season which ties him with the great Sidney Crosby for 2nd most in the league (McDavid has 82).

Marchand is unlocking his potential at the perfect time, as Zdeno Chara sucks ass and is getting ready to hang ‘em up, and with Patrice Bergeron having a bit of a down year.. this man right here is set up to be the new face of the Bruins franchise, whether fans like it or not (I for one fucking love it).


  1. Great post! Something people have forgotten about Marchand is a couple years into his NHL career with the bright lights shining on him and his playmate Tyler Sequin they won the holy grail of hockey, Lords Stanley Cup! Then they traded Sequin and poor Marchand felt like his old world was over because his wing man on and off the ice was gone gone long gone! It was like someone stole his puppy! How did you react? He became even more of the little ball of hate and by doing so I believe it stunted his development for a while.
    The past couple of years you’ve seen a more driven, talented hockey player playing with that little ball of hate style but more controlled, using it as a skill rather than something he’ll be written the history books as just a perennial 20 goalscorer, great agitator, known as The Little Ball of Hate!
    He has the chance to have his name listed with some of the great ones, for this season and quite a few more to come! The style of game has changed to suit his game so it’s up to him to take advantage of it! I am, and always will be a huge fan of The Little Ball of Hate!

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