A mere week after an odd encounter between a professional golfer and an alligator, another (much more diminutive but equally as unpredictable) reptile captured quite a bit of attention at a professional sporting event. A tennis match, to be exact.

Yesterday, at the Miami Open, what was presumably an escaped pet iguana made an unnerving appearance at a match between Tommy Haas and Jiri Vesely. The lizard stopped play as it perched atop the scoreboard, its menacing glare scaring the crap out of Vesely, who claimed to be too distracted to play. Haas seemed a little nervous, too, but, in the spirit of 2017, managed to get close enough to the iguana to snap a selfie with it.

Special selfie @miamiopen , thanks for coming out to watch some Tennis 🎾🦎

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Everything was cool until some dingus attempted to forcibly remove the iguana from the stadium by snatching it by its long tail. Once this happened, all hell broke loose, as the iguana went full-on Jurassic Park, rampaging around the tennis court, kicking the shit out of tennis balls and letting everyone in the stadium know that he was the King of Beasts in Miami.

Eventually, the iguana retook his rightful throne on top of the scoreboard and proved that he was a member of the rare breed of those who actually like watching non-Grand Slam tennis tournaments. Sadly, his reign of terror ended soon after when security finally managed to corral the iguana and remove him from the premises.

Play commenced thereafter, but the stadium remained abuzz over the iguana’s tirade. Although it disrupted play, the pesky iguana generated the most discussion concerning the Miami Open since, well, ever, so the tennis world should be thankful for that. On the flip side, the tennis world should also be disturbed that it took a rogue lizard stampeding across the court to place tennis into the national sports headlines for the first time since the Australian Open in January.

As for the iguana, at least he got his 15 minutes of fame. Maybe if he ever gets bored screwing around on the Magic School Bus, he’ll make a grand reappearance to spice up yet another unwatchable tennis tournament. Until then, thanks for the memories, Iggy!