NHL Re-Draft: First Round

NHL Re-Draft: First Round

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With the NHL expansion draft coming this summer, it seems like an appropriate time to ask ourselves a quick “what if?” Well, what if the NHL were to throw every single player in the league into a pool, set a random order, and re-draft the entire league? That’ll certainly never happen.. but a boy can dream, can’t he? Let’s see how the first round would go.


Washington Capitals #31 Zach Werenski: Defense, 19.

Arizona Coyotes #30 Nikita Kucherov: Winger, 23.

New Jersey Devils #29 PK Subban: Defense, 27.

LA Kings#28 Tuukka Rask: Goalie, 30.

Chicago Blackhawks #27 Patrik Laine: Winger, 18.

Toronto Maple Leafs #26 Alex Pietrangelo: Defense, 27.

Florida Panthers #25 Nathan Mackinnon: Center, 21.

Anaheim Ducks #24 Devan Dubnyk: Goalie, 30.

St. Louis Blues #23 Brent Burns: Defense, 32.

Dallas Stars #22 Anze Kopitar: Center, 29.

Boston Bruins #21 Tyler Seguin: Center, 25 (this one  wasn’t random.. fuck you Chiarelli).

Carolina Hurricanes#20 Matt Murray: Goalie, 22.

Las Vegas Golden Knights#19 Auston Matthews: Center, 19.

Vancouver Canucks#18 Evgeni Malkin: Center, 30.

Philadelphia Flyers#17 Alexander Ovechkin: Winger, 31.

Montreal Canadiens #16 Vladimar Tarasenko: Winger, 25.

Colorado Avalanche#15 Erik Karlsson: Defense, 27.

Buffalo Sabres #14 Jamie Benn: Winger, 26.

Detroit Red Wings#13 Mark Scheifele: Center, 24.

Columbus Blue Jackets #12 Victor Hedman: Defense, 26.

Pittsburgh Penguins #11 Braden Holtby: Goalie, 27.  

Winnipeg Jets #10 Aaron Ekblad: Defense, 21.


Edmonton Oilers #9 John Tavares: Center, 26.


Ottawa Senators #8 Carey Price: Goalie, 29.


Tampa Bay Lightning #7 Patrick Kane: Winger, 28.


New York Rangers #6 Jack Eichel: Center, 20.


San Jose Sharks #5 Drew Doughty: Defense, 27.


Nashville Predators #4 Steven Stamkos: Center, 27.


New York Islanders #3 Jonathon Toews: Center, 28.


Calgary Flames #2 Sidney Crosby: Center, 29.


Minnesota Wild #1 Connor McDavid: Center, 20.