LeBron James has a history of being finicky about his in-game attire. From his love-hate relationship with his headband to his constant adjusting of his elbow sleeve to his battles with that Phantom of the Opera mask he once donned, LeBron has made it clear that he prefers to play with as little random attire on his body as possible.

Tonight, LeBron opted to channel his inner Kareem by wearing goggles after having his cornea scratched in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ game on Friday night. Clearly a wise safety measure, LeBron’s choice to wear goggles didn’t mesh well with his style of play, though. Lasting a mere eight and a half minutes into the game, the goggles were indifferently tossed toward the sideline by James once he could take the irritation no longer.

Obviously not keen on heeding the advice of the team doctor, LeBron has now said to heck with a face mask intended to help protect a broken nose and a pair of goggles intended to protect a scratched eyeball.

Adding to the theatrics of the situation, James didn’t subtly remove his goggles during a timeout. Instead, he flung them off in the general vicinity of the Cavs’ bench during a live ball situation. The dramatic move didn’t pay off for LeBron, however, as the Cavs dropped a home game to the Washington Wizards, a team that could very well dethrone Cleveland atop the Eastern Conference standings.

Maybe LeBron should get some pointers from Rip Hamilton on how to better cope with having to wear cumbersome protective gear because any additional in-game wardrobe malfunctions could potentially mar the Cavaliers’ quest for a repeat.